Playback on longer clips

Hi there,

Currently playing out a longer ProRes422HQ clip for our client and seeing some latency/locking up during playback. Image will freeze but clip and sound will continue to play as normal. This issue persists regardless of graphics card configuration. Havent experienced this issue before with shorter clips. Any insight is welcome as always.



When does the image freeze happen? Is it just randomly during playback or is it after hitting stop and then play again?

It happens randomly during playback. After stopping and restarting playback, it will play normally for awhile. Quicktime does play the same clip back as normal.

We have heard other reports similar to this when playing back longer clips. We are actively investigating ways to fix this issue. We hope to have a fix for this in the next version we release.

How long does the clip have to be for you to notice this issue?

Also, are you playing back just in the gui or using a broadcast monitor as well?

It’s happened sending out to a broadcast display via Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme, and also when playing back through the GUI only.

Not sure about the minimum length. Will run some tests on it.