Possible refresh issue in shared dual mode?

Importing clips and deleting clips on the Assist side causes the Color side to re-fresh and will put the cursor back to clip #1 at the top of the scan list no matter which clip you are currently viewing in the scan list. Is there a function to disable auto re-fresh like there was for controlled dailies?

There isn’t any explicit option to not refresh.

We have tried to identify cases like this and reduce the impact where possible. For instance, when you are playing back material, the refresh should be suppressed until you stop.

I thought we handled the case mentioned better, so we’ll have to take a look. It would be nicer if it left you on the same frame/clip when clips are deleted on another system.

We weren’t able to reproduce the problem while importing clips, but the issue was there when deleting clips. This should be fixed in build 4596.

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