Problem Creating h.264 files in version 1.5.1-b4467

When we attempt to create H.264 files the system creates both .mov and .mp4 versions when i only ask for .mov only.
The problem is the .mov versions are no good, the clip status also fails.

For certain formats like ProRes or PhotoJpeg, we write the QuickTime files ourselves during the encoding process.

With H.264, the encoder first writes an MP4 file and then we rewrap the file as an MOV afterwards. When that succeeds, we delete the intermediate MP4 file.

So the fact that you see the MP4 file is just symptomatic of the real issue, which is that the QuickTime wrapping is failing for some reason.

I am guessing this may have to do with something specific to the system.

Is this a system that was recently reinstalled? Or is it one that had a previous version of Cortex running on it where this worked?

Take a look at the logs for any errors or send them to us at support so we can take a closer look.

This is one of the 2 systems that has been running in my office that we have been installing the various versions of 1.5.1 on as they are released.
My lasts tests on version1.5.1-beta2-b449 worked fine. I just re-launched b4449 and it is now failing as well.

Logs from 4467 attached

I just launched version 1.4.8-b3923 (our day to day working version) as it is still installed on this same system and it appears to be working fine.

We only allow certain attachments on the forum… Can you email the logs to support [at] Thanks!

It looks like something didn’t go right when that reel or deliverable was created. It’s trying to output the files to a path that doesn’t exist:

In your log, this line right before the Error lines shows the issue. Instead of starting with a drive letter like E:\, your output path is just \Reelname\...

"0","CohogRender","Information","CohogRender//StartPostProcessing(0): Starting Process: _mtiQuickTimeWrapper.exe "\Reelname\PIX\AvidMediafiles\MXF\1\A277C009_140409_R329.wrap.xml"","","05-29-2014 06:38:44.809","17296","1","65219952907","EDIT-U2"

Compare that to when it works:

"0","CohogRender","Information","CohogRender//StartPostProcessing(0): Starting Process: _mtiQuickTimeWrapper.exe "E:\ouput\test4_season_01_2014\episode_101\dailies\deliverables\pix\20140529_source_filename_4\A707C001_111117_R2M9.wrap.xml"","","05-29-2014 08:28:48.092","456","1","211597300755","RETINA01"

As a next step, try deleting that reel and making a new one.

You are correct,
I have reset it to
And it seems to be working now, sorry about the fire drill.

Thank you all

For everyone else’s benefit, the issue was caused by this setting in the Advanced properties of the Project Manager:

The default path template looks like this, as @joeral mentioned:

It’s fine to edit that path, but it does cause issues if you start that path with a \. Removing that and using this path also allowed it to work: Reelname\{config}\AvidMediafiles\MXF\1 (though i’m not sure you really would want it that way).

We’re going to be using a similar structure for the custom output file-naming feature. In that case, we put some additional validation on the field to help give the user feedback as to what are valid tokens, etc. We may circle back to this in the near future to add some helpful hints here as well.