Problems exporting bars and tone

For both my dvd and H.264 deliverables i have the head format enabled (10 seconds of bars and tone and 10 seconds of head slate). For a few of the dvd’s and H.264’s, the program renders out black picture with tone. It also in some cases, renders them out of order, which poses a problem for the program I use to upload the H.264 for client use. Since we are using the dual system, I would then shut both computers down, reboot, and only run one system to re-render all of the problem deliverables. As of now, this seems to fix the issue. Could this maybe be a problem with the shared database? Or is this a separate issue?

I wouldn’t think being on a shared database or a local one would have any effect on this problem. I just tried exporting a deliverable with bars and tone and slate and it worked as expected.

Could you export your config and email it to You can export the config by right clicking on the config in the Project Manager and selecting “Export…”

I think I have determined why your bars were rendered out as black picture. The config you sent had the background file for the bars stored on the local drive of one of the systems. It just happened that the system that didn’t have access to the background file so it rendered black. I know you have recently switched to the shared database so things like the background files are stored on a shared drive. I would imagine the configs in question were used when you guys were on a single node system.

To fix this all you have to do is save the make a minor change to the (just so the save button lights up) existing configs and the background files should be saved to the shared drive.

Also, you’ll want to make sure that your shared database is set up with a path on a shared drive, as that is where backgrounds and templates are stored.

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Also, if you run across the out of order issue could you export the logs, as indicated here How to save and send logs from CORTEX to support, before re-rendering the reel.

I had a few reels today that rendered the bars and slate out of order. There was also a lot of errors in the log throughout the session. I exported the log 3 different times during the night. I will send them to Thank you

Thanks for the logs. Should help us track this down.

This should be fixed in build 4596.

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