ProRes 4444 XQ support

Many people have inquired about whether Cortex will support the new ProRes 4444 XQ codec.

In our tests, it is currently possible to decode this format with the current version of Cortex.

At this time, we cannot yet comment on when support may be added for encoding this format, but we will update this topic if there is any news.



I’ve managed to get my hands on some test footage shot by Arri.
Running version 1.5.2-b4917 I was unable to play the material. Once the clips are loaded into cortex I get the following error when i select a clip. “GPU request Source Buffer Issue”. I will send both you and Peter a copy of the log and test footage If you’d like.

We also just got some test footage from ARRI. We’ll take a look today and let you know if we need your samples.

I already started to download the material from @joeral. I’ll see what I can find out.

We will be able to read these files properly in the next release of 1.5.3.

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@joeral this should be addressed in v1.5.3 beta b4947

Cortex v1.5.3 b5238 includes the ability to encode ProRes 4444 XQ!