Relinking Clips and Changed TC and Duration


We have a group of clips in vr 1.5.2 that i am unable to re-link with the new re-link function. When I re-link I can re-link 90 clips out of 96 but 6 clips will not re-link. A dialog box pops up and asks me to check the log (which I have attached) for more details. Essentially the clips are reported as having different time code or a different duration. A little background on these clips. We had the clips loaded to a SAS connected RAID mounted as “R”. we needed to clear space on that drive so we transferred this material to another drive. If I mount the drive as “R” all clips re-link with out issue. But if for any reason I need to mount the drive as another letter I am unable to re-link 6 clips. Thanks,


Can you email the log to support?

Certainly I will do that now.


Here are the relevant entries in the log file:

"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//RelinkOfflineClips(0): Unable to relink clip (X:\*redacted*\07_04_14\AXS\A01\A001C6HE\Clip\A001C001_1407059B\A001C001_1407059B.mxf) : Timecodes do not match. New timecode = 20:13:28:12 Old timecode = 20:12:15:18","","07-10-2014 05:28:27.717","17296","1","56713773377","CORTEX08"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//RelinkOfflineClips(0): Unable to relink clip (X:\*redacted*\07_04_14\AXS\A02\A002CE38\Clip\A002C009_1407057M\A002C009_1407057M.mxf) : Timecodes do not match. New timecode = 01:07:09:20 Old timecode = 01:07:05:19","","07-10-2014 05:28:31.215","17296","1","56724218661","CORTEX08"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//RelinkOfflineClips(0): Unable to relink clip (X:\*redacted*\07_04_14\AXS\A02\A002CE38\Clip\A002C004_140705G6\A002C004_140705G6.mxf) : Timecodes do not match. New timecode = 00:38:29:04 Old timecode = 00:38:26:20","","07-10-2014 05:28:32.392","17296","1","56727735531","CORTEX08"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//RelinkOfflineClips(0): Unable to relink clip (X:\*redacted*\07_04_14\AXS\A01\A001C6HE\Clip\A001C012_140705YK\A001C012_140705YK.mxf) : Timecodes do not match. New timecode = 23:40:02:08 Old timecode = 23:38:37:05","","07-10-2014 05:28:38.276","17296","1","56745313298","CORTEX08"
"0","Cortex","Error","Cortex//RelinkOfflineClips(0): Unable to relink clip (X:\*redacted*\07_04_14\AXS\A02\A002CE38\Clip\A002C006_140705KE\A002C006_140705KE.mxf) : Timecodes do not match. New timecode = 00:54:38:20 Old timecode = 00:54:35:13","","07-10-2014 05:28:41.295","17296","1","56754332456","CORTEX08"

I think the reason why they relink OK when you mount the drive as R:\ is simply because if the file is found at the same location, we don’t check the timecodes… or maybe not as rigorously… is that right @peter?

Its not clear why the timecodes were not read properly to begin with.

One test you could do is to see what timecodes they come up with if you import them into a new job. Do they match what is shown as the ‘New Timecode’ or the ‘Old Timecode’ above? If you do it multiple times in different jobs, do you get the same results?

Yes we don’t check timecodes at all if the files are in their original location.

From what we’ve been able to tell so far from the information you provided, it seems like the crux of the issue is that somehow when these clips were initially imported, Cortex read the timecode incorrectly. But…

Also, just having the wrong timecode doesn’t explain why your renders were failiing for these clips.

We were not able to reproduce the render failures.

Hard to draw any hard conclusions here, but my guess is that perhaps something was a little funky with that drive. the connection to it,when you were first importing clips… or something…

And that this underlying issue was causing not only the timecode to be read improperly at first but also causing the files themselves not to be read properly, resulting in the frame decoding errors we see in the log excerpt on that other topic…