Render order priority stops working sometimes

Using 1.5.3 B5172, under the render tab you are unable to select a deliverable and change it’s priority.

Strange… Is this completely reproducible for you? Are you able to try the latest 1.5.3 release?

@amy - see if you can reproduce any of these issues that @idolfun reported tonight or first thing tomorrow morning…

We can’t reproduce this here.

@idolfun How far do you get? Does the context menu pop up? Is the selection enabled and it just doesn’t do anything when you choose it?

When I experienced this, the context menu doesn’t even pop up.

I just experience the other variety the context menu showed up I chose highest priority and the clip did not move to the top of the list.

Does anything show up in the logs?

Can you see any pattern to it? If it doesn’t pop up for one deliverable, will it pop up for any of the others?

I tried the other deliverables and same issue. The logs don’t show anything that I can tell

If you restart the app does it start working again?