Scene-Take-Camera order deliverables sort take numbers alphabetically instead of numerically


We have a situation where the number of takes exceeds 10, and any takes after are being listed as a lower number in the sort order. I’ve emailed you a screen grab for reference (I can’t upload to the forum yet)


-Vancouver Dave

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I sorted by TC and it seems ok, but I’ve had to create a new preset in order to not alter our other presets. I’m hoping to avoid our operator from having choose between the two.

@DaveRice Can you please send the screenshot to - thanks!

Thanks, I’ll chat with the guys about it

Just to be clear:

We don’t offer Name as a sort order in a deliverable. We do offer Scene as a sort order in the deliverable though…which translates to “Scene-Take-Camera”. To sort the UI in the same fashion you have to click the Take column.

Since it’s not obvious, here is how our custom deliverable sorting translates to sorting by columns in the UI:

  • Camera deliverable sort > click the Camera column header
    sorts by Camera, then file name or timecode
  • Scene-Camera deliverable sort > click the Scene column header
    sorts by Scene, then Camera, Take
  • Scene deliverable sort > click the Take column header
    sorts by Scene, then Take, then Camera

In all cases, Scene is parsed specially in the sort such that things will sort like so:

  • 1
  • 1A
  • V1A
  • 2
  • 10

The special parsing we do for scene names happens to also properly sort scene 10 after scene 9.

However, Take and Camera are just sorted alphabetically at the moment. That happens to work in 99% of the cases, but clearly if a show shoots more than 9 takes for a setup, it breaks down, which is the case here. We will address that bug.

On the other hand, the Name column is only shown in the UI, and it names can be entered free-form or by a template other than Scene-Take-CamID. So we will leave the sorting of the Name column alone…

This is now fixed in v1.5.4 b5860.

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