Shared Project - clips in Reel don't show LUT symbol

OK, so somehow the project looks like it has some bad records saved for those LUTs which then cause problems whenever you try to use them. We don’t know how it got to be that way, but @peter has some checks in there now to attempt to fix the issue on the fly.

Here’s a test build that you can try out with that project.

Your LUTs should all load properly now if we did this right. If it looks good, let us know and we’ll roll this fix into the next v1.5.3 release.

@24pdailies - tests look good on this end so we’ll roll this into the next v1.5.3 release. Would still be good to get confirmation from you when you get the time to test it though!

Just tried this new version out. Looks good! The LUT symbol is showing up. What’s more, it appears that it repairs the database - when I opened the same project back in 1.5.3 b5172 the LUT symbol is showing up there as well.

Good job @dave and @peter! This was a slippery bug and I’m glad you were able to fix it.


Thanks for following up. We still don’t know what caused it but at least it won’t be catastrophic now with the automatic repair.

This fix is now part of v1.5.3 b5238.

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