Some email completion function or data collection

Would like to see if a feature which would allow you to email completion information collected from deliverables right off the system or may a preformatted email that could be copied and pasted. Also the ability to choose which documents get created in a deliverable would be awesome, as well as whether aaf’s are created or not.

We can definitely add those to our list. Are your computers directly connected to the internet?

Not really but could try and figure something out. Thas kinda why the cut and paste option was added or maybe a pdf

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So an example would be gathering reel names and data sizes for the various deliverables, since we use a mac to generate the file sizes we have always included a byte count and an item count which Imagine is slightly different on the PC. As well as running time. For dvd’s we gather label information which generally consists of the following as an example

Reel: WP_206_D07R016
CR: A037, A039-040, B024
SR: 20616-17
SC: 22, 22A-C, 23, 23A-D, 24, 24A-B, 31, 31A, 43, 44, 44A-C

Day: 7 pt 1
Shoot Date: April 28, 2016
Xfer Date: April 29, 2016
Audio: Separate
Duration: 56:28

WP_206_D06R016 DVD 3.27 GB 3, 269, 689, 344 bytes ISO Uploaded at 4:45 AM

Now the trick will be which items we count for a total for the sizes, for example the avid we only use the MXF and The ale from the package and then we add the AVB. We also consolidate the files through the avid which may change its file footprint. The DAX or H.264 we only use the ALE and The MP4. I was wondering if we could like in control dailies select the items which get created in the deliveries folder say whether there are aaf’s or XML’s and what not like saving reports. This would allow us to control which items are being included in the sizing.

We will take these ideas into consideration.