Sony RAW parameters (e.g., Kelvin) do not batch save


Our colorist was working this afternoon and noticed that some of her material needed a change in kelvin as the native kelvin was set to 4300 (native metadata) instead of 3200k. She set the first clip in the scene in question on the A camera and hit the “Save Color to Selected Clips” option and the dialogue box listed the Kelvin as 4300 instead of the 3200 she just set. Not a big deal as we can easily set these manually but if we wind up having a full day at the wrong kelvin it could be a problem. Thanks,


I’m not able to reproduce this here, though it’s possible we aren’t testing the same build - which one are you using?

It’s also possible it was user error. As you describe the steps, one is missing (which I realize might be just due to brevity of post, but…)

Here are the exact steps I took to try and repro, which behaved as expected

  1. Set new Kelvin on the first clip of the A camera
  2. Manual save with CTRL+S OR auto-save by moving to the next clip
  3. Select remaining clips (I used my mouse)
  4. Hit 8 to recall last color (<< This is the step that I think was skipped)
  5. CTRL+S to Save Color to Selected Clips
  6. Dialog reflects the new Kelvin as expected

Just tried it again, following these steps exactly. Default color is 4300K, trying to change color to 3200K. Changed the first clip to 3200K, clicked Save. Selected remaining clips, hit the 8 key. After clicking the “Save” button (same as Ctrl-S), the new “Selected Save” dialog opens. What’s interesting is in this dialog, the Kelvin is still set at 4300. (see image below) Clicking the “Save to X clips” button does not update the Kelvin on remaining clips.

Running on Cortex version 1.5.2 b4891.

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Thanks for the additional explanation, I was able to reproduce it in 4891 (and the current release 4923). I’ll pass it on to the developers.

Should be fixed in v.1.5.2 b4941.

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