Source Decoding Quality from R3D

The optimized setting looks better than Best when converting UHD (3840 x 2160) R3D to 1920 x 1080 DPX.

I have a source file that was shot RED Epic 7:1 3840x2160 and when it’s converted to DPX in the cortex V1.5.1-b4449 it looks softer in Best Decode quality than Optimized.

I’ve ran the same test with F55 material shot 4096 x 2160 RAW and Best does look better than Optimized.

If you choose ‘Best’ then we decode the R3D file at full debayer (3840x2160) and then downconvert it to 1920x1080. If you are using the enterprise edition, you have two choices for the resizing algorithm (normal and high quality). Depending on which is chosen your results will be sharper or softer. Which did you use in this case?

For F55, when you choose Best, we actually use our own GPU debayering. Optimized in this case will use the SDK’s half quality debayer, which is more optimized for speed than the RED half quality debayer.

I must not have the enterprise edition on either of my systems as i do not see that option with R3D.

You may not, but just to clarify, the resize quality is not particular to the source type. Its just a property of your deliverable config, here: