Support for XAVC S (Sony a7S camera)

We got some footage from a Sony a7S camera. This camera records in the “XAVC S” format. Basically, it’s a high level h.264/AVC codec wrapped in an MP4 wrapper. (More info here)

When I imported the clips into Cortex 1.5.2 it read the files. But Cortex would not play the video. Any idea why the clips would not play? I can send you some of the files if needed.

Would be great if you have an example to share. Not sure we’ve seen those files specifically…

Uploading it to your FTP now. I’ll email you with specifics.

I’m actually able to play all of the clips fine with the latest release of v1.5.2.

But I do see an issue where the display doesn’t update immediately when I first switch to the clip.

Also, it looks like we are reading the timecode from the XML files properly.

Yes, I’m seeing the same thing. Display doesn’t update. But after clicking the play button the clips start playing. So, semi-false alarm.

We’ll look into that issue nonetheless. Thanks for reporting it.

The issue with it not showing up immediately should be fixed in v1.5.2 b4917