Takes disappearing and/or reordering themselves on continuous timecode reels

Is the deliverable configuration set to order the takes by timecode or something else?

It’s a files per clip continuous code reel so the sort order is not visible. This is related to this feature request:

The takes disappearing is the bigger concern in this situation.

I haven’t heard of this happening elsewhere. Not exactly sure where to start looking, so if you guys feel like you have any clues as to what the cause may be let us know. Do you generally color the takes after they have been added to the reel or beforehand?

Also, which version are you currently running?

It happened again last night the takes were consecutive. They said they had to render twice and they double checked the reel and didn’t touch anything after it started. This morning two clips were missing from the reel that was delivered. They have said that it would look like the clips are on the reel but if they scroll down and back up (effectively refreshing the screen) they are no longer on the reel. These are files per clip continuous code reels. We are running 1.5.1 B4578.

  • How many workstations are you using on this project now?
  • Do you generally color the takes after they have been added to the reel or beforehand?

This is confusing. Simply scrolling through the list shouldn’t reload anything from the database…

I’ll have to discuss this with @peter to see if we can come up with any ideas for how to troubleshoot this further.

I believe they color then add to the reel. 3 stations are active only one of them they work on

Trying to reproduce this here, but no luck so far. A few more questions:

  • What deliverables are you making for these reels?
  • Does this issue affect all deliverables? Or do you just see the issue on one of them when it occurs?

The next time you see this happen, please email support the log files (see this topic).

And also include in the notes:

  • The name of the reel with the issue
  • Which takes were missing

@idolfun - have you guys run into this again since the last time?

Yeah but i haven’t updated since then

OK, if you continue to see this, make sure to grab the logs and answer the questions above so we can try to track it down.

So this issue popped up again. We are running 1.5.2 B4867. On Friday reel with continuous code. It was Hair and Makeup test so they were added to the reel in an order requested by the DP. Returned on Sunday to create a DVD and H.264 and deliver. Cortex was closed and reopened, I also opened the reel and made 3 takes MOS and closed it. I also added 1 deliverable and changed another (the name and Audio). I then activated those deliverables on the reel in question. The reel called Makeup Test . The deliverables I uploaded on Sunday are in a different order as well as Coretx is displaying the incorrect order. We tried to change but couldn’t, we had to create a brand new reel and redeliver.

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I’m now suspecting that some combination of these actions can cause this issue:

Will try to do the same (close/re-open reel, changing events or adding events) and see if we can reproduce.

Ihave also sent you some goodies (logs photos and what not)

Did you ever manually delete events from the reel and then re-add them? That is one thing I have found in testing this that reliably causes things to be out of order on continuous timecode reels. We found a couple other small things too which we’ll fix for the next release, but I’m not sure we’ve actually found your issue yet.

No i didn’t not sure if jaan did

OK, we found a case where things can definitely get reordered in a somewhat random fashion:

  1. re-open a continous tc reel
  2. click ‘edit’ on the reel tab
  3. change something like:
    • add a new deliverable OR
    • change the start timecode
  4. close the reel
  5. render out the deliverable, play it
    order is not what’s expected

Do you think anything like that might have been done?

Looking into a fix for this now…

Actually that is exactly what i did (added a new deliverable)

This should be fixed in v1.5.3 b5172.

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