The thumbnail of the newly grabbed still is highlighted in V1.5.4-b5495

When grabbing a still, the thumbnail of the newly grabbed still is highlighted/selected instead of the previous still/thumbnail you had selected to match a shot. Why has this changed in V1.5.4 - b5495? Is this a bug or was it intended to be changed in this new build? In previous builds you could save a still without affecting the still you had selected. This was a great feature to have.

This was intentional based on some other user feedback.

See the release notes here:

Happy to consider changing it back if its not usually desirable.

For what it’s worth, I know everyone here in our group likes the way it was before but I don’t know how many requests you got from everyone else to have this new feature.

We will change it back for now. Very useful to get feedback like this, thank you.

/cc @hans @larry

Thanks! And thanks for the fast turnaround on the issues we’ve been having.

OK, we’ve reverted that behavior in v1.5.4 b5509.