Using Cortex-3.1.3-b12108

(Curtis Wilson) #1

I believe this is an old issue we talked about a couple of months ago, but when using the built in Display LUTs for grading in preview, captured stills do not reflect the lut. If using a full to legal, the stills remain extended.

(Peter Firth) #2

No, the captured stills don’t apply the Display LUT. In the future, we can look into allowing you to select a display LUT when exporting stills.

(Curtis Wilson) #3

What i think we need is a way to look at the stills which the colorist captures during timing and have the mstch the viewing path aka the preview tab. Currently if we setup a display for delivery and viewing, the stills ignore that environment. I think they should be maybe effent by the viewing tabs options so its apples to apples when viewing.

(Curtis Wilson) #4

I hadn’t heard from you after I replied from this not sure if you missed it or it is somehow the same answer.

(Peter Firth) #5

Sorry. I’ll follow up internally and get the answer. It’s definitely not the same answer as before.

(Peter Firth) #6

Yes, we can do something like this. We will add it to our list.