V2.0.2 - MXF 1:1 RGB 10bit - color problem

MXF 1:1 RGB 10bit

Color space / color bit depth problem. MXF file looks fine when checking back in v2.0. However, when checking back on v1.5.4 and the Avid, the color range/bit depth is incorrect.

Avid changed the way these files are made in the latest version of the Avid Media Toolkit, which we went with to provide support for DNxHR. I’m not surprised they look different when opened in v1.5.4. They are actively investigating this issue as it related to Media Composer. What version of Media Composer are you using? Windows or Mac?

We’re on v7.04.3 on a PC.

The color range looking different is kind of an understatement.

Bars come out looking like this: