Volume setting in viewer window not staying active

Hey guys!
When I have a clip I’m syncing, the output on my Decklink Studio card is quite a bit too loud. So I turn it down on the slider control next to the mini speaker at the bottom left of the viewer window. That works fine. But as soon as I go to a different clip, the sound level goes back up to where it was before I had adjusted it. Then when I look at the slider it is indeed in the place I left it last, after moving again a little in each direction, the sound goes back down to where I adjusted it originally. Is this a bug, or by design?

It’s a bug.

We actually looked into it at one point but at the time it seemed as though the fix wasn’t trivial and we weren’t aware of any issue this was really causing anyone in production, so it has never risen to the top of the list.

Do you have a volume know on the speakers you’re using?

Ah, ok. I do have volume knobs, but the speakers want a line level in, and
it seems the BM Decklink is giving some kind of amplified output. So they
crackle and pop all the time, making them somewhat useless. When I
discovered the bug I was playing with turning the volume down to get it
close to line level, which I seemed to have. But just need to touch it
everytime there’s a new clip

Anders Yarbrough

OK, we’ll take another look at this issue at some point.

But here’s another hack / workaround in the mean time:

On your preview config, you could experiment with setting up the mixer to include a silent input channel (like #16) on each output. The mixer does some averaging when channels are mixed so it will effectively reduce the loudness.

This is fixed in v1.5.2 b4891

Great, thanks for both Dave!

Anders Yarbrough

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