VTR I/O and Format Conversion for NOVA

While the integrated VTR I/O feature in Correct DRS™ was once heavily used and incredibly popular, tape-based projects have been on the wane for years and many facilities still mixing tape- and file-based projects in NOVA have introduced other tools for upstream conversion of tape to data files, such as DPX.

For that reason, DRS™NOVA no longer has an integrated VTR I/O feature. But you can still work on tape-originated projects in NOVA!

###Use a Blackmagic Decklink Card
If you want to retain ingest and layoff at your DRS station, a [Decklink card from Blackmagic] (https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink) is an excellent choice. [Media Express] (https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/mediaexpress) is free software included with the card that offers simple and flexible ignest to and layoff from DPX files.

###Use a Clipster
The Rohde & Schwarz DVS [Clipster] (http://www.dvs.de/products/video-systems/clipster.html) is already widely in use and is a great choice when working with centralized media storage and management.

###Use Correct DRS™
Some customers have opted to keep one seat of Correct, in addition to those upgraded to NOVA, as an I/O station. Please note [certain caveats] (Mixing DRS™NOVA and Correct DRS™) when mixing Correct and NOVA.

##Other Format Conversions
Over the years, we have also had requests for DRS to [support clip-based formats, such as ProRes] (DRS Support for formats such as ProRes). At this time, we have maintained our file-per-frame architecture to focus on common high quality archival formats like DPX and OpenEXR. However, our other product, CORTEX, offers fast and simple conversion between DPX/OpenEXR and many common formats such as QuickTime, and ProRes. Please contact us if you have more questions about adding CORTEX to your NOVA workflow.