When moving LUT folder, move or copy all existing LUTs

Currently, when you change the LUT/Stills folder in the middle of a Project, it creates an empty folder in the new location and does not copy over existing LUTs. However, those LUTs will still be available in the GUI and, if applied after the change, will cause those clips to fail to render.

Are you suggesting that the LUTs be automatically copied when you change that folder?

Yeah, that would be ideal.

Or, alternatively, remove them from the GUI.

The other tricky thing is that the LUT may have been assigned to a clip already. You don’t necessarily want to just not show it on the clip if the file can’t be found. (Its possible that the drive is offline for some reason, and you would want everything to keep working when you re-connect it).

How this is all handled right now is not ideal, but its also not exactly clear to me what the best way is to address it.

Would a copy (not move - so it’s in both places) be a possibility?

I know that @runningman ran into this a while back too - and in that case, the previous drive wasn’t available anymore. So the folder was there available there to copy from.

It sounds like we could use:

  1. a better error message when a LUT can’t be found when attempting to render
  2. some indication in the GUI when you try to apply a LUT that is not available

Perhaps we need to show when LUTs are ‘offline’ similar to how we show that media is offline. And then just not attempt to render anything that has an offline LUT.

I think this will take a little more thought.

But in the mean time, I think the best advice is to use extreme caution when changing these project locations.

Perhaps we should add a warning message in the Project Manager itself that make it more clear that Bad Things Can Happen™

I like the idea of “offline LUTs”

@Adam_Periscope, since you most recently experienced this, how does that sound to you?
@bogie I know someone at your facility wrestled with this as well, so if you’ve got any input we’d love to hear it

I also like the Bad Things Can Happen warning within the application, I’ve also added a forum post with some guidelines and warnings: