Which BlackMagic cards and drivers are supported?

Continuing the discussion from CORTEX Dailies 1.5 Beta Feedback:

Damn that was fast Dave!! I unchecked the enable box, changed it to 24fps, and turned the test pattern on and it worked! Then flipped back to 23.98, and none for the pattern. Working like a charm now.

As for the copying, had no idea the verify was delayed. Very cool! I’ll use it on the next gig for sure and get back to you.

Thanks again for helping me out with the audio and cineform issues last week!

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Ok, upon further examination, audio had to be set to ‘none’, otherwise the same error comes up.

Hmm… I would think that should work, but the cards we’ve been testing with are the DeckLink Mini Monitor (Single SDI output only) and the DeckLink 4K Extreme…