Why is the SonyRAW tab missing from my F55 files

CORTEX will automatically detect input file format/codec and expose codec-specific metadata in the Color tool.

However, you may receive some footage shot on an F55 where this tab is missing.

This is because the footage was shot as XAVC, which does not include any editable metadata, so CORTEX does not expose it.

You can also look at certain columns in Cortex for info about your media, like File Type and Codec. It doesn’t say specifically XAVC, but it can be inferred from the file type (MXF), codec (AVC) and resolution (UHD).

But here’s a question - is it possible to have Cortex show all the metadata for the recorded clip? (even though it’s not editable) For example, in Sony’s RAW Viewer it shows that the clip is XAVC, but it also shows ISO/exposure, white balance, etc. I don’t see these columns in Cortex (at least not in 1.5.2 b5004)

From RAW Viewer:

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Dave has added that question as a feature request

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