Would like to see Job Name and Internal Job Number in PDF reports

The latest version of Cortex puts out a very solid PDF report that deserves high marks for readability and information provided, but for our purposes we really need 2 missing pieces of info. Would it be possible to include the “Internal Job Number” as well as “Shoot Day” information to show up automatically with all of the header information? (show title, eps#, etc).

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Sorry, I left out a request. If the LUT’s being used (the LUT I’ve decided to color with) could also be listed on the reports, that would help us as well.

Will take a look at how best to work that information into the layout.

Production Date is already included. Did you mean the Job Name or something else?

“Shoot Day” as in how many days have been shot. Day 1, 2, 3, 4, etc meaning the first day of shooting, second day of shooting, etc…

Do you currently have that information stored anywhere? Or are you asking for custom fields for the report too?

Speaking for ourselves, we label our daily workload this way. For example, when we open our jobs every day we choose the show, then the episode, and finally the specified shoot day that we actually label “Day 01” etc…

So, is it the Job’s Display Name that you enter that into?

Yes, exactly. Sorry I’m at home right now, but I called in to double check. FYI, the 4th field you have here is the field we’d like to use for “work order#” as shown above, and the LUT info is obviously within the Input or Output LUT field located in the color corrector. In other words, none of the requests I’m making should require a “custom field” as you mentioned above. And thanks for taking the time to look into this!

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OK, thanks for clarifying. The LUT is the only thing I’m not sure about how best to add. The file names can be quite long and the column widths for all the clip information are already pretty tight.

Just a thought, the LUT info is honestly the least important on a day to day basis. So if it wound up as tiny “header” or “footer” info, that would be totally fine.

I created a separate topic for the LUT request since that will probably have to wait and may need more discussion.

forthcoming changes for review:

  • Job name will always be shown now (Day: )
  • If you fill in these fields, they will also be shown
    • production number
    • internal job number (work order)

###To illustrate:


And if you don’t fill those fields in, it’ll look pretty much the same as it did before:

Looks EXCELLENT to me!

This change is included in v1.5.3 b5325.

Looking forward to working with it, Dave. Thanks for the extremely prompt attention.

Skipper Martin

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