XAVC Playback Skips

Just a tangent to the other XAVC thread - I actually find it’s very difficult to get playback from 4K footage to not skip. The Cortex viewer shows playback is 23.98 - though I actually don’t know if that is showing you the actual playback frame rate or just what the project is set to. And it doesn’t matter if the source footage is on an external drive or on our SAN. Sometimes if you play a section then immediately jump back and play again it will play the second time without the standard pausing and jumping. I’m curious if others are having this issue.

There is definitely still room for improvement, @runningman, do you see any difference if you switch which config tab you are playing back in (i.e., Preview vs dnx?)

Can you try transcoding to 4K ProRes Proxy and see if that plays back smoothly?

I see no difference when switching between Preview and DNx36, from what I can tell they’re identical. Playback is perfect with 4K ProRes Proxy.

This is now with 1.5.3-b5081.

OK, next test - can you try playing back 4K ProRes 4444?

Sorry for the delay - little confusing here. 4K ProRes444 plays fine.

I decided to install Sony’s RAW Viewer, and it showed that the file plays at about 17fps. I decided to do a full shut down, and though the Viewer still shows about 17fps - Cortex is now playing the files in real time. I’m checking my environment variables, this could just be my system.

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