A Custom Field for Burns which can be entered by day

The Ability to have a burn which is referenced by a field which is updated daily.

We currently have Job Date and Production Date available as burn-in parameters. Can you give us some examples of the types of custom burn-ins you’d like to see on top of that?

Need the DP’s name on the slate. Which changes per episode. I can do it with a custom field but I would have to go in and change that text and the copy the slate over to all the deliverable’s each time. In control dailies there were editable field for each reel and scanlist we could use for this function.

Ah, I see, thanks for the clarification. I’ll add in the request.

Also when creating different reels of the same material to accommodate weird order requests such All the A cameras and All the B cameras per drop (Drop 1 A,B,C etc – Drop 2 A,B,C). These reels need to be called something other than what the original is but they still will require a burn in which matches the original reel name. Which I would have to render all clips out for one then change it and do all the others. The other one is please fill up my dvd which is all selects and the editorial is transfer all. The reel names will go off but they will match at the beginning and the file naming will match just on different days which I am not certain if the database will allow for this. So I assume we will have to Add a letter or something for the database but I will still want the burn in to say the original name. So a custom field per reel would be nice.