A Metadata central in the Cortex

Does the cortex support have a plan to develop(or add) “a metadata central” function in the Cortex?
the main functions of the metadata central like the software–clipmeister RD

Can you be more specific about the kinds of features you are looking for and how you would use them?

Hello.dear dave

Normally,we would backup the RAW files to the disk array,the single disk,the LTO。when we finish it,i hope that the Cortex could output two database。

1.Ingest the all metadata informations of the RAW files(it likes the ARRI AME)and output

2.Output the all metadata informations of the BACKUP operations

for example:

The remaining capacity of the storage and the single disk
MD5 checksun verification
how many frames /size we had copy and so on

thank you so much

All of that metadata is included in the XML manifest file. Does that meet your requirements?

Hello,dear Dave

I mean that it should be RAW metadata,Like ISO,colorspace,tint and so on

Thank you so much

Jumping in because we have had to do something similar with Red Dragon footage. As Dave mentioned, it’s all in the XML file. It includes the settings used to make the output file (as you know, you can change these settings and it will affect the R3D decode). It includes ISO, tint, color temp, etc. Here’s a quick screen grab of the manifest XML:

Color space is denoted with a number, but it’s fairly simple to figure out which number corresponds to which color space.

@andycai - do you have the ability to extract data from XML files? (Can you or someone you know write a script/app to get the data you want?) Or are you saying you want specific data exported in the PDF report? Or…?

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