Allow multiple audio tracks to be synced

I’m curious if anything has changed with this - maybe I missed this workflow changing in an update?

We’ve had multiple instances dealing with 1 Video file that has more than 1 audio file associated with it. But on the last job we had 2 audio devices used on set without matching timecode which made the grouping with the Aux TC not possible.

I’m curious what others are doing because making multiple clips is not ideal for editorial. Also, I’m wondering if anyone is experimenting with putting the audio together outside Cortex first? Thanks.

Are you talking about being able to sync & merge two audio files that don’t overlap into a single output, as discussed here:

Or do you mean, for example, being able to have both the internal camera audio and the external audio, or two external audio tracks that both run the full length of the video synced into the dailies output?

It’s really both, but my latest issue is focused on the latter. There were 12 lavs recorded, plus a boom and a mix. The recording device used only records up to 8-tracks - I don’t know if that’s a limitation of the hardware used or maybe a limitation of the format. So we attached CamA to AudioA and CamB to AudioB - turned out that AudioA and AudioB were 10 frames out of sync so that when the group clips were created they were 10 frames out as well. Not a super huge deal, but what became a very big deal was when CamA was shooting the actor whose lav was on AudioB, as it was 10 frames out. It would have been better if we could have made 2 files with 14 tracks of audio for editorial.

This is the first job we’ve run where there were more than 8 tracks.

Regarding the first issue, editorial would rather we not break the camera roll in order to attach 2 audio files that don’t span the length of the video clip.

Hope this makes sense.

Makes total sense. We’ve heard this request before, I’m actually surprised it’s not already in here - so you win the prize of being the official feature request thread!