ARRI Embedded LUT

Wondering if this is supported yet? I don’t know much about this, but evidently Alexa and Amira can now store LUT information in the MetaData. I was startled to see it appear when AMAing a QuickTime into Media Composer and the clip not appearing in Log space. The custom LUT is there and I can toggle that on and off. I’ve been asked if Cortex can read this.

We haven’t implemented that support yet. IS it something you expect you’ll want to begin using?

There’s a bit of a larger conversation here that would be interesting to get people’s take on, but in our experience reliably getting the LUT from set has been problematic, and then generic LUTs will often not look correct at all. We had one show where the DP wanted to supply a LUT for every setup shot. So having a LUT embedded that represents what they were looking at on set is actually appealing.

But more importantly we’re being asked if we can use it.

The short answer is we can’t use it in CORTEX now.

But yes, we’re very interested in a bigger discussion, specifically on if the embedded ARRI LUTs are becoming more widespread.

And more generally as you say, what LUT formats or other ways to transmit color information people find most reliable. This issue was actually the driving factor in creating our CORTEX Manifest feature that ensures looks created on-set in a CORTEX system are 100% faithfully recreated in dailies/Post.

I’m curious if anything has happened with this. We’re being asked to apply the Amira .ami LUT - Is this supported?

We haven’t looked into it yet. If you can email us a sample at support@ we can take a look and see what it would entail to add support.

I’m sending support a link to the clip, here is what the clip looks like when brought into Avid.

Thanks - we should be able to get some samples straight from ARRI and we’ll see what the work involved would be.

Did the download link I sent not work? I have a few more clips if needed.

Sorry, just found it, I skimmed right past it because the screenshot drew my eye.