Audio description for a DCP

Hi, I’m trying to create a supplementary package with a track of audio description for the visual impaired. I selected the audio configuration, added the track, rendered it and all seems to be ok, But the projector sends an error every time we try to ingest it. ¿Is there a set of instructions or something where I could check if there’s something I’m doing wrong?

Hi Andres,
What version of Cortex are you using? Does it have the checkboxes in the DCP creation dialog to label the VI track? Are you making an encrypted DCP? What server are you trying to ingest it to?

Hello Peter,

I’m using the Enterprise version 5.4.2.

I set the audio configuration on 5.1-VI I’m not sure if that’s what you mean with Checkboxes.

It’s not encrypted.

It’s a Dolby IMS2000 server.

I’m actually also trying to make a Close captions supplemental and I’m not sure if I’m doing that right. I would appreciate an insight on that also.

Thank you.

OK. Are you making an Interop DCP? If so, the checkboxes do not apply there. What errors are you getting when ingesting to the server?

For the closed caption supplemental, you need to do the following:

  1. Import parent DCP into Cortex
  2. Right click on the DCP and select Create Supplemental
  3. In the supplemental DCP, add a subtitle track. You will be prompted to select the type of subtitle track at this point.
  4. Render DCP as you normally would. Cortex will only render out the changes (new subtitle track).

Thank you Peter. This has been very useful.

I was working on an interop DCP . It seems that the problem was that I was putting the Audio description in the track 7 and it should’ve been on the 8th track.

Once we did that everything worked smoothly.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Peter, about the Clos Captions, when I create the subtitle track I am not prompted to select the type of subtitle track, I’m worried they might be interpreted by the projection system as subtitles and not as Closed captions. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi Andres,

You might be on an older version of v5.4.2 that doesn’t support the different types of subtitle tracks for Interop DCPs. You can either download our current version which is v5.5 or I can email you a link to a v5.4.2 build that has these features.

Can you email me the version with this feature?

I emailed it to the email address you used with this forum.