Audio distortion in rendered deliverables


We are experiencing audio distortion in the deliverables coming from 3.1.3

Everything looks and seems fine throughout the logging process, but when working the DNx on the Avid, we discover sound is completely off and warped. It almost sounds as if it is emanating from “under water” This has occurred on multiple workstations (different hardware), across multiple shows (different video codecs / audio recorders).

We have noticed that, if a 3.0.3 project is accidentally opened up in 3.1.3, the error occurs and somehow “follows” back to 3.0.3 until media is purged and new Jobs, and in one case, a whole new project is created and media re-imported.

We are using Enterprise with a central DB, so the same deliverable settings were used between versions, within the same project.

It almost feels like the new version is creating a problematic spec or setting that lives in the database.

Everything is Windows 7, have tried rendering to network locations and local drives.

We will continue to use 3.0.3 until we can get a fix for the issue in 3.1.3.

Please let me know what you would like or need to assist in troubleshooting.

Thank you!

Hi Josh,

Does this only happen with DNx deliverables? We will take a look and try to reproduce it here.

At this time we are only making DNxHD36 deliverables, so yes.

To complicate things, it is not 100% consistent.

If you can make it happen, could you send us the render XML file for a render that sounds bad and the render XML file for when the issue is fixed? This would allow us to see if some setting that is messing it up.

Well, we did a test and have the actual good and bad media, however, not sure where to find the job XML?

You can get the XML files by exporting the logs with that job open.

We have uploaded everything (Media and Logs) to the MTI folder on our MediaShuttle:

Thanks. We will take a look and let you know if we need any more info.

Hi Josh,

Those logs did not include the XML files we were looking for. Did you have the job you used to do the render loaded when exporting the logs?

I believe so… That “Day12b” media was from the Job, and that is the job I opened to export the logs. Now, the operators may have rendered different parts on different workstations, would that matter? Are these files stored locally on each machine or centrally in the DB?

They are in a central location. Chosen when you set up the DB. It might have to be done from the machine that actually rendered the file.

Actually in your case the render XML files are stored on each machine’s C drive. It can be setup either way in a MySQL database. You should be able to find them in C:\ProgramData\MTI\default{project}\jobs\day12-6908cbc047cd435498d1d352cbdbe2ea

Just uploaded two more ZIPs. Cortex03 is the “good” one while Cortex06 produced the problematic results.

The Cortex06 folder doesn’t have a XML file in it.