Audio timecode burn-in window Wrong

Here is an interesting situation. Last shift had the camera timecode reset to 00:00:00:00 during a camera card change. Audio timecode stayed on Time of Day. When I was syncing in Cortex ver 2.0.3-b8810 - the audio timecode burn-in window displayed the offset between the camera timecode and the audio timecode, not the actual, correct audio timecode. All metadata for audio timecode was correct in ALEs, Logs, etc. All that was wrong was the audio timecode burn-in window in all deliverables- opting to show the timecode offset between camera code and the actual audio timecode.

Nothing I tried was able to fix it, and I send deliverables out the door without the audio timecode window being correct.


Here is a screen grab. Smart slate reflects the actual audio timecode- camera timecode is in bottom left, incorrect audio timecode upper left ( showing the difference between camera tc and real audio tc )

Looks like its a timecode rollover issue. I’m surprised that it happened because all these issues should have been resolved a long time ago. We should have some similar material here, but if not could you possibly share a sample file with us?


Sent you a link to some files to see if you can repeat on your end.

Hi Bradley,

I’ll take a look at those files. I deleted the post with the link to the files in it so no one else can download it. In the future, if you have a link to share you can just send it to

I was able to reproduce the issue here. We will have a fix for it in our next release.

Thank you for removing link.

Glad to hear you were able to reproduce on your end. Thank you for following this thru.