Avid IGNORED LOCK FILE resulted in lost work

Not sure where to categorize this (Cortex, DRI…)
here’s a report from a 9-1-1 editor that was shared today between editors on 9-1-1

“two avid’s having the same bin open for a long time and the lock file was ignored. And i just witnessed my work on a couple scenes from yesterday evaporate… OOF. not in the avid attic, not anywhere. Double checked various other bins , like did I accidentally work in the wrong bin? Nope, I was working in some phantom bin that disappeared and I have to redo those two scenes. Luckily they’re smaller but, yikes. We’re rebooting our machines fully and backing up our project, going to look in the project and manually delete any lock files sitting there. I’ve never seen that, and hope to never see it again”

workstations involved: MTIRA-051, MTIRA-057
link to discord thread: Discord
link to 9-1-1 MTI Errors Tracker
9-1-1 MTI Errors Tracker - Google Sheets

“ghost locks” are a persistent issue amongst the edit team as well.
perhaps we should move to a newer version of Media Composer???

Hi Charles,

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