BLURAY w/ 5.1 - 140min feature - Fails when creating .iso

BLURAY w/ 5.1 audio fails when creating .iso.
Sourced from a 140min Prores.

Could be that the file size is too big.

How big are the video (mp4 or mpg) and audio (wav) files that are created?

Does it work to do a shorter clip?

If so, you could try lowering the bit rate to see if that works.

It works on a shorter 1 hour clip.

I tried to lower the bit rate as low as 15Mbps but it still fails out.

15Mbps: mpg = 16GB / wav = 7GB
35Mbps: mpg = 37GB / wav = 7GB

How big does the wav file come out to be in the 1 hour case? Some applications have issues with wav files bigger than 4 GB. Maybe we are running into that issue here…

the 1 hr wav file = 3GB.

@peter do you think we can we write out monophonic wave files instead or something else to get around this issue?

The Blu-Ray SDK we use does not support monophonic wave files. I think the only way around this would be to add support for dolby digital audio.

Any word on this? Wondering if a fix is upcoming.

Nothing planned yet. We’ll discuss and I will follow up early next week though.