C500 1080 Proxy Files

We are trying to process MXF files created on the C500 and we’re getting an ref object error. Has anyone used these files? They were recorded simultaneously while recording Odyssey 4K ProRes - which we can’t use either because they weren’t merged before turning them over to us. Appreciate any insight.

If you can send us one of the C500 files, we can take a look here.

Have you tried using Convergent Design’s software to merge your ProRes files? Use the “CD Apple ProRes Transfer” tool here:


Peter I’ll get you a file today.

24pdailies - I’m using it, but it’s terribly slow. 1TB of material has taken 18 hours to merge and it’s still not done. Granted it was given to us on a USB Shuttle drive - but it’s INTENSELY slow. The recorded onboard 1080 files are likely unusable anyway as they are different in duration to the 4K ProRes counterparts which will make for a difficult conform down the line. And they also won’t render in Cortex.

Have you used the Merge Tool - This seems like an unfortunate downside to this recorder.

So evidently if you use the CD ProRes Transfer Tool during the copy from the SSD there’s a 2.5% time hit. If you use it after the fact (we were just given a drive) it takes FOREVER.

The MXF files I guess are Canon XF MXF.

I was able to open the sample file you sent us in version 2.0. That should be released on June 1. I haven’t had a chance to check it in version 1.5.4.