Cannot Enable AJA card 511-b15561

Hello, I’m running version 511-b15561 and cannot enable the AJA Board in from the hardware page.
the error reported is “Failed to open the video board” Open Failed, 02025. ###### Error at (2025)######


Hi Joe,

I’m unable to see the screenshot attached. Could you email it?

On Behalf Of Peter Firth via MTIFilm

Hi Joe,
What model of AJA card are you using?

On Behalf Of Hans via MTIFilm

Unless you’ve flashed the AJA firmware that switches all 4 BNC connectors to be outputs (rather than the default where connectors 1 & 2 are inputs and 3 & 4 are outputs), then you’ll need to select SDI out B in the Cortex tool and set it to either SDI 3 or SDI 4. Also, the firmware on your card firmware is pretty old. ou may need to update it. The Kona 4 I’m testing on is running firmware “2018/11/08 17:53:39 Kona4 Main”.

Thank you Hans!
The firmware update did the trick.