Cannot import some ALEs from Resolve as a CDL

We have recently seen some ALEs come in from Resolve exports that have strange line endings, preventing Cortex from being able to import them properly using the CDL import feature (Right-Click in Still Store > Import Color from ALE/EDL/CDL…)

Each line is ending with two carriage returns and one linefeed. Usually you would expect to see either a single linefeed with no carriage returns (Mac/*nix style), or a single carriage return plus a linefeed (Windows style)

Using Notepad++ (a very useful free text editor), you can see these special characters by turning on these settings:

View > Show Symbol > Show All Characters

And here’s how you can do a global find/replace to fix the file:

Search Mode: Extended
Find: \r\r\n
Replace: \r\n

This issue has been fixed in build 4662