Can't export stills with an asterisk in the name of the clip

I can not export stills with an asterisk in the name of the clip. We have a client asking for an asterisk in the name column of the ALE so he knows which takes are circled. We have to put the asterisk next to the take in the take column of the cortex to achieve this. Why does circle take and non circle take info appear on the log print and not on th ALE? Our work around is to export the stills for the DP first and then go back and add the asterisk in the cortex. Is there a fix or better way to do this?

Our other work around is to just modify the ALE it self. But I would think if circle take & non circle info show up on the log print out it should pass over to the ALE as well. That would be useful information for an edit assist.

An asterisk is an illegal character in a file name so that’s probably why you are unable to export it. As far as putting the circle take info in the ALE, I don’t think there is a standard ALE column for it. Does anyone know if other applications put that information in the ALE and in what column?

@John we had the beginnings of the discussion about adding circle status to the ALE a little while back. We’d love to get your input as well