CDL values translated in Avid

I’ve noticed that if i render out a DNX clip in the Cortex with just a LUT only applied and then bring the DNX clip into Avid and compare it to the AMA with the LUT applied it is almost a perfect match.
When i then take this process 1 step further and create a DNX clip in the Cortex with LUT followed by a color correction. I then AMA in the Avid, apply the LUT followed by the CDL values if i then compare the DNX clip to the Avid with LUT and CDL there is a noticeable difference in the video levels (-10mv level difference). The ordering of LUT and CDL in the Avid was also verified to be correct.
This was all tested with Corex 3.03-b10238 and Avid version 8.5.1.
I’m in no way implying that this is a cortex issue because i get a near perfect match in Autodesk Lustre, just want to alert the users.