Clip format does not match project setting

I’m about to start a new job and have requested some test footage from the Camera department. Of which I have 2 out of 3 formats giving me trouble.

The 1st camera is the Canon C300. When importing these into my project I receive an error ‘Clip format MXF OP-1a XDCAM HD422 does not match the project setting’

The 2nd camera is a Canon 5D. Again, when importing footage into the project I receive an error ‘Clip format QuickTime AVC does not match project setting’

My project is indeed a 25fps project. The version of Cortex that i’m running is: 1.5.2-b4803

Is there anyone else using these camera types in the v5b? I’ll try an earlier version and report back with my findings.

Apparently new users can post pictures…z.z.Z

I get the same results in version 1.4.7-b3477. It surprises me that I’m having an issue with these camera formats and makes me wonder how many users you have out there that are mainly 25fps…

It sounds like its warning you about the file format, not the frame rate. These warnings are meant to be helpful, but they are optional.

For more info, check out this topic:

Thanks Dave,

I’ll read over that post now and report back to you by the end of the day.

Rob Puru.

Edit: This was definitely my issue and the above post was very informative, again thanks. Is there an updated manual for v1.5 that lists the additional functions and changes or should I just refer for this forum CORTEX > CORTEX HOW TO

Also thanks for updating my user.


See here for the latest documentation.

The user guide describes most of the features but it is pretty light weight so over time, I suspect the forum will be a better way to build knowledge about the new features and the nuances of using the system.

Don’t hesitate to ask anything here that you haven’t found an adequate explanation for elsewhere.