Clip names and file numbers for Cortex clip pulls from EDL

We routinely pull clips for multiple vendors, the requests have different delivery requirements for each vendor and I’m wondering if the cortex can be made to accommodate them.

  1. Can the resultant DPX sequence have the option to be named as the comment name in the EDL instead of the source file name.
    013 A292C003 V C 18:58:56:11 18:59:00:10 01:01:32:04 01:01:36:03
  2.   Can the resultant DPX sequence have the option to have each pulled clip be numbered beginning with frame 0001 instead of the time code value, i.e. **G322_55_010.0001.dpx**. Under this scenario we’d still want the **SMPTE source time code to be embedded** into the frames. Each clip would need to begin at 0001 not continue the count from where the previous clip left off.

I need to find out more about what would be required to add either of these features, but in the mean time, see below:

Not ideal, but currently, you can do this manually by choosing the clip, right-clicking and saying ‘Edit Name’.

FYI, the comments from the EDL are visible in the “EDL Comments” column in the clip list. You can right click the clip list and choose “Show/Hide Columns >” to select which are visible.

Currently, the file number and SMPTE timecode in the files always count together. A workaround would be to use something like Better File Rename to renumber the sequences afterwards.

Should have something for you to try out soon, @joeral

OK, both these features are implemented in build 4449.

A few notes:

  • When you import the EDL, you have these two options for what the clip name will be. Choose wisely!
    If you choose “Use EDL comment as clip name” it uses the first comment and strps the * that starts the line.

  • When you run the traceback, you will want to have ‘Slate’ and ‘Edit’ unchecked otherwise the clip name and marks in & out will be used from the database clip that it traces to, rather than what you imported from the EDL.

  • Finally, your DPX configs now include the option to have the sequence start at a frame number of your choosing, rather than one based on the timecode. Cortex will embed the SMPTE timecode in the header regardless of your choice.

If you want the files to be named as the clip name, you will have to also make sure the deliverable config is set properly:

Please take it for a spin and let us know what you think!


I’ve given this a shot but the clips are still being named as the source file.
My traced clips are named properly in the bin after selecting USE EDL COMMENT AS CLIP NAME but when they are rendered out the DPX frames are named as the Alexa source file.
The frame numbering is correct as well as the embedded source time code.
I tested this on version 1.5.1-b4449

If you choose “Source Filename” as the embedded tapename then we output clips with the source filename as you mention.

The way to have the clip name used as the output filename is the same as what you have to do currently for PIX dailies: choose “Reel Name” as the tapename option when creating the reel.

We are looking into the feature for more explicit custom naming options for output files next.

Doing that names the folder for the DPX frames properly but the frames themselves are named as whatever i call the reel.
so if i had 30 clips the folders would be correct but each DPX sequence would have the same name.

Oh, right… Well sounds like we have a little more work to do on our end in that case. I’ll let you know when we have something new to try. Thanks for the quick feedback.

no thank you, my first test was very close to perfect.

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You should be able to achieve what you need with the custom file naming feature in the v1.5.2 beta