Clip selection doesn't maintain location after unlocking to sync

I’ve been experiencing some issues that might only be related to syncing clips manually without matching timecode. I might fumble a bit describing this.

After setting the sync point, and returning to the clip list - if the clip I’m working on isn’t at the top of the list, hitting R doesn’t go to the next clip but loads the first clip in the list. If the first clip in the list is visible when returning to the list view, the next clip is selected.

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I moved 2 questions to their own topics:

Hi Troy

For (1) when you say you are manually syncing them, what method are you using? Are you typing the audio TC in directly with the numpad?

Not usually, more : Hitting U > selecting audio file > finding sync > hitting D - confirming sync and hitting R. If the clip bin has moved to the point the first clip is no longer visible, hitting R always loads the first clip in the bin and not the next clip.

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Got it, I’ve reproduced it here and will report the bug to the developers

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We should have a fix for this in the next maintenance release of v1.5.2… stay tuned.

This should be fixed in Cortex v1.5.2 b4845

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