Color correction is not always being added to reel/saved to clip

These are not consistent issues.

Recalling the previous color and then adding that color and clip to the reel is not always applying the color when pressing the “add to reel” button on the wave panel aka the Alt button.( pressing 2 buttons on wave panel) The scan list shows that the color was not applied. Only when going back to the clip and hitting previous color a second time and then hitting the “add to reel” button again does the color get applied.

Also I have had the scan list show that the color has been applied to a clip when in reality its only got an input LUT applied to it and not the color correction I have added on top the LUT. In other words my color is not always saved/added to the clip.

I have seen this happen while coloring and while checking a reel, I noticed clips did not have my color correction even though the scan list shows it should.

We are using ver. 1.5.1b4596. We were not having this issue with the previous version FYI.

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I have heard one other report of this happening, but it was an isolated occurrence so I didn’t know what to make of it.

Do you remember which build you had been working with previously? Was it another v1.5.1 release or beta build? Or something older?

We were using V1.5.1-b4492 previously.

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Can you email support the log from the day this last occurred if you recall when that was? It should be in C\:temp and named something like Cortex_20140626.csv where those digits are the date of the log as YYYYMMDD.

Here are a couple of logs from yesterday. If the issue happens again tonight I will export the log and send to you guys.


We have a potential fix for this issue in v1.5.1 b4772 and we have also added some more info to the logs. Please give it a try and let us know if you continue to see this problem.

Thank You. I will try this.