Color randomly not applied to clips

I asked around in our company and apparently this is a known issue, but last Friday I was alerted by my client that a clip had no color correction applied. I scrub every single clip before I render, but mistakes can happen so I thought maybe I just messed up. It turns out I saved a still from the exact clip that supposedly ‘didn’t have color.’ Yes it’s possible I could have mistakenly taken the color off after taking the still, but that would be pretty unusual for me to do. I asked my supervisor this morning and he says this problem has happened in the past.

We checked the original DNX media sent to the client and the color values came up detent (1.0). So now we have to check every clip daily in the DNX media for this problem. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Before I sent this topic I see on that this was reported by a couple of people, including our own John Heitman back in 2014. So for what it’s worth, this problem is still happening.

Skipper Martin

OK. We will look into it again. Since it seems to be random, it is not easy for us to reproduce. If you have a still that has the color applied, that is a good clue. Thanks for the report. Also, what version are you running? I would assume it is a more recent build.

Funny thing, I had this exact issue the day before the OP, though I did not save stills from the two clips that had the issue.

I am on build v3.0.3-b9978.

Running v3.0.3-b10238

Sorry to drag up an old topic, but the problem has come back stranger than ever. I’m very thorough when it comes to making sure all of my clips have color applied before closing my reels, and of course I always make sure all clips are assigned to reels. Last week my client complained a couple of takes didn’t make it on to reels. I chalked it up to possible error on my part and added another layer of scrutiny on top of my thorough procedures. 2 days later more takes mysteriously didn’y make it to reels. I know I didn’t miss them, but again they didn’t get to my client. Tonight 3 of my clips didn’t show color applied when they were being rendered. Back on the color side all looks fine with color apparently assigned. closed the program, reopened, magically the color information re-appeared. Re-rendering showed 2 of the 3 clips having color but one again missing color. I’m running Cortex 4.1.1-b14564.

Can you export the logs with this job open and send the zip file to

Sounds like I just had a similar issue regarding color - I applied a LUT to all clips on a reel but the rendered reel had color missing from one clip, but only from one deliverable. The second deliverable rendered with the LUT applied.