Correct DRS™ End of Life

We’re very pleased with the rapid adoption of DRS™NOVA, but we also know many of you have opted to maintain one or more seats of Correct DRS™ in addition to NOVA or have not yet found the time to complete the upgrade.

Because of that, we’d like to clarify the support services you can expect for Correct DRS™ after the official End of Life date of December 31, 2014.

##General User Support
We have created a special [Correct corner here on the forum] ( and will do our best to answer any questions on functions and features for Correct.

We will no longer be offering bug fixes or software updates on the Correct platform, as NOVA includes fixes for all known bugs in Correct v10.

Licensing has always been our Support exception. We will continue to offer license upkeep and maintenance on a fee per incident basis, including:

  • Broken dongle/dongle replacement (additional new dongle fee applies)
  • Re-licensing after an OS upgrade
  • Re-licensing to move to a new workstation Dongle or License failure troubleshooting

Licensing support requests will be charged at $150/hr

##Other Per Incident Requests
If you require Correct support beyond what is available in the forum, please contact MTI Film Support to inquire about the availability and cost of your request.