Cortex 1.5.4 and 2.0.x on same machine

First, congratulations on shipping the new Cortex version! Looking forward to a bunch of these new features.

My question: is it possible to have Cortex version 1.5.4 installed on the same machine as version 2.0.x (currently version 2.0.2)? Are there any libraries or hidden files that work with one version and not the other?

Or do we need to uninstall 1.5.4 in order to use 2.0.x properly?


If you are just looking to test 2.0 before uninstalling 1.5.4 you should be OK with the side by side configuration. In that case I would setup a separate sqlite database directory for 2.0 testing. Switching back and forth between the different versions for production use isn’t really recommended. We did some database updates and loading a 2.0 project in 1.5.4 will cause some errors to be generated in the log.