Cortex-2.0.3-b8235 LTO issues

I am still unable to write Avid files to LTO via cortex it crashes every time. I am also having a weird issue with the logs, it lists the 2 folders with proper sizes but when I select them they have the same material in log info and the overall size reflects the size of one folder of 2. The tape has the proper material on it or so it seems.

Hi Curtis,

Can you send us the logs again? Are you trying to write Avid bin folders or just regular Avid MXF files? Regarding the weird log issue, what logs are you referring to? The reports Cortex generates or the logs we use when running the copy jobs?

I will get you a log, we are trying to write the avid files and bins created in our avid (consolidated from the cortex media). When you are in the cortex interface and look at the displayed logs, the issue is visible and when you print the logs it displays what is in cortex.

Here are the logs for the issue we were discussing.

We never received any logs. Can you send them to