Cortex-2.0.3-b8682 witing large number of files

I tried writing avid media to an LTO with the latest version, it seemed to write properly on one machine and fail with the same material on a different tape in another machine (tried that tape in the machine that worked and it crashed the first try and worked fine the second try). Not sure what this is as the machines are identical except for the NVIDIA cards. Also after it had written the files, the PDF with the information for the whole tape had the wrong size but the correct number of files.

Also for some reason one of our projects would not render out the h264’s or the DVD’s in the new version but worked fine when backed off to an old version.

Can you send us the logs that show both errors? How far off was the size in the PDF?

The issue with the H.264 and DVD is probably caused by the first event on the reel not having audio. We will have a fix for this soon.

300 gigs difference I will get you some logs