Cortex 2.03 B8496 Sync Bug

When using the sync tool and unlocking the audio (U key) to find your sync point, the space bar does not stop the audio. Instead it brings you back to the beginning of the clip. The work around as of now is to jog (S and F keys) until you find your sync point. It would be extremely helpful to have the space bar stop at the desired location like in past versions. Thank you.

Hi Melissa,

I am unable to reproduce that issue here. When I use the space bar in U mode it stops as expected. Does the same thing happen if you use the C key to stop?

We are still experiencing this problem with the new build (b8622). Both the C key and the space bar will jump back to the beginning of the clip. Using the jog keys still work however.

What type of clips are you using? Does this happen every time you are in U mode?

Yes it happens every time while in U mode. We work with prores444 and wav files.