Cortex DIT Empty Dead Pixel Reports

We were testing Cortex DIT for dead pixel detection on version v5.1.1 and were happily exporting dead pixel reports as a .csv.
We have now updated to v5.2.1 and the reports appear to always export empty (just the header row). I checked the release notes and couldn’t see anything relevant, but is this a new limitation introduced in the DIT edition of this version, or is this an unexpected error?

Hi Will,

DIT v5.2.1 does limit what you can do dead pixel detection on. You can only do dead pixel detection on an individual clip. This means you can no longer make a composition and detect shot changes or merge an EDL. You will Cortex Enterprise or Cortex QC version if you would like to detect dead pixels on a composition.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response. That does answer a few questions at once so thank you.
Strangely, the dead pixel reports are now exporting fine…
I was running my test with a single clip, running detection whilst making an auto composition. It would detect a bunch of pixels. I’d then try exporting a dead pixel report as a csv and all I’d get was the header:


With no results below.
However, this now this works fine and includes all the dead pixels in the csv! The only thing I can think of that I did in between was open the window to export a PDF report then close it.


Hello everyone I have downloaded the dit version and then the evaluation version; the thing is that I can not create a single report for dead pixel detection; whenever I try the program automatically closes with no error message or anything else, as if it was crashing, Is there something I’m doing wrong? also it does not detect the files with BRAW CODEC

Can you email your logs to You can find them in C:\temp.

File sent,

thank you!

please let me know…