Cortex Output File name bug for RED Dragon

I’ve found a bug in Cortex 2.0 b7992 involving RED Dragon footage. We have 2 camera rolls labeled z camera. All is well in Cortex and the .AAF’s on output have the prefix of Z008 and Z009 (which is correct) Our .MFX files however have an “_” (underscore) in place of the Z in the name of the file. Tonight we be using an sutomated re-naming program to change the _ to a Z but wanted to bring this to your attention as soon as possible. Thanks,

That’s really strange. I’ll see if we can reproduce it here. I don’t think it is specific to RED Dragon material.

I can reproduce that here. I don’t think its something that will be fixed quickly as those file names are actually created in a 3rd party SDK. I will report the issue to them.